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Land Preservation
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Forest Restoration /
Atmospheric CO2 Removal

Earth Restoration Project

Our existence on planet Earth is a delicate balance between human, animal, plant, land, water, and atmospheric domains. Small disruptions in this balance, over time, have the potential to impact human existence on planet Earth.

Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, Inc. (VCLF) is a nonprofit organization seeking to create sustainable approaches and generate public awareness about natural resource use. VCLF and its affiliates/partners are primarily focused on reducing the rate of growth of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide. Our investment in the Metals and Mining Sector serves as a catalyst for restoring ecosystems and deploying forest restoration, as a means of mitigating the release of carbon dioxide, caused by the combustion of fossil fuels.

The present situation (Excess Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide) is only solvable when everyone is working together for a common purpose. VCLF seeks to bring parties of interest together, to plan and execute real solutions, which will bring about radical change.

VCLF works closely with the coal industry to promote best management practices in land reclamation, reforestation, and water quality improvement.